Environmental Clearance (EC) & High Rise Constructions (HRC)

We provide solutions and design details to get the environmental clearance from the MoEF (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change)

With arising awareness about climate changes and the construction industry to adhere to the reduce-reuse-recycle policy applied into materials and equipment in a project by the MEP Engineers. Sustainability concept implied to the building design is becoming important these days in the construction industry. Construction Companies have to install an eco-friendly system that helps the environment and controls the budget. Nearly the recent change brought in the construction industry is that all the owners need to build green buildings. While planning about the design of the sustainable building, We understand the regulatory standards in depth and help environment consultants to get all required calculations of all MEP services.

  • We work on following services for environment clearances
  • Water Balance Chart (Monsoon & Non Monsoon Season)
  • Rain Water Harvesting/Rain Water Tank
  • Electrical Load
  • Emergency Load
  • Solar Power & Solar Hot Water
  • Energy Conservations and Energy Savings
  • Sewerage Treatment Plan
  • Organic Waste Converter
  • Water Conservation
  • Preparation of MEP layouts for Environment clearance submissions
  • MEP Presentation for Environment submission